Going to dinner or hanging out with friends and having one drink then driving home does not make you think that you have done anything bad enough to be arrested for DWI. However, there are some states that have very stringent laws about driving while under the influence of any controlled substance and West Virginia is one of those states.

West Virginia has some differentiation in the laws they have instilled regarding driving while under the influence of alcohol. These laws and the punishment for breaking the laws vary based on age, blood alcohol content level and number of times you have been arrested. What is important is that you have an attorney that understands your personal rights if you have been arrested for DWI.

Even though you may have only had one beer, the act of driving while impaired by the alcohol is what will get you arrested. The police officer that arrests you and the officers at the jail do not even have to have a blood alcohol content level or a urine sample to justify the arrest.

Criminal Offense

Drunk driving is a serious criminal offense. There is the possibility that, if convicted, this will be a part of your permanent record and could impact your ability to gain employment later on or keep the current job that you do have. You will most likely suffer from fines and possibly even jail time. While that is a scary proposition, you do still have constitutional rights even while being arrested for a crime.

Contact an Attorney

One of the most important things to do when you have been arrested is seek counsel immediately. Do not admit fault, be respectful and don’t give a statement to anyone until you have talked with your attorney. An attorney who specializes in drunk driving and criminal defense representation will make sure that the police officers have followed the letter of the law in the arrest and that your rights have been respected every step of the way.

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