New safety software may be just what truckers in West Virginia and the rest of the U.S. need to overcome the challenges inherent in their profession. With more than 3 million truckers out there carrying 70 percent of the nation’s cargo, the trucking industry is essential to the economy. Unfortunately, tight deadlines and long workweeks make truckers susceptible to fatigue behind the wheel. It’s estimated that 100,000 truck crashes occur each year as a result.

The new software of an Oklahoma-based startup can address precisely this issue. BlyncSync was founded three years ago by graduates of Oklahoma University as part of an effort to encourage truckers to become better drivers. The CEO and co-founders state their intention to become a hub of safety software.

Their first initiative is to create a pair of smart safety glasses that report trucker fatigue in real time by measuring blinks. Other biometric data, like heart rate, can point towards fatigue, which is why BlyncSync is also developing watches and bands that can capture this.

The company continues to build a scalable business plan with the assistance of i2E, a nonprofit that grows small businesses. Five trucking companies, some out of state, will be participating in BlyncSync’s first pilot program. If successful, the startup could help lower accident rates and insurance rates as well as reverse the current trucker shortage.

When truck collisions do occur, victims can determine if they have the grounds for a personal injury claim. It can all start with a case evaluation from an attorney. Accident attorneys usually have a network of investigators who can find proof, such as work logs and in-cab camera footage, that the trucker’s fatigue is to blame for the accident. Attorneys can then speak on behalf of their clients with the company’s insurer, litigating if negotiations fall through.