If you were involved in a typical motor vehicle accident there are many questions that you may have when considering your various legal options. However, if you were involved in a car accident with a company truck or commercial vehicle you may feel at more of a loss as to what to what legal options are available to you in the State of West Virginia. There are differences to be considered when being hit by a company truck rather than being involved in an accident with an individual motor vehicle. If you have been hit by a commercial vehicle of any kind, contact the lawyers at our law office. We will be able to assist you in the process of filing a proper claim against the negligent company driver.

What is The Difference between an Accident with a Company Vehicle and Regular Vehicle?

There are many similarities between your average car accident and an accident involving a company vehicle. Both types of automobile accidents are considered personal injuries with a three-year statute of limitations. Both types of accidents also appropriate your damages in the same manner. Therefore if you have been hit by a company car it is still incumbent upon you to seek medical assistance to document your pain and suffering and notify your insurance provider. Likewise, your inability to work and any lost pay you have incurred will still be a main issue to assess. However one of the main differences in an accident involving a company car will be who to sue.

In a typical car accident, you may just file a complaint against the negligent driver, however this changes in an accident with a company vehicle. If you have been hit by a company vehicle, there are many people and or companies that may also be liable for your damages. You may find that along with the company driver being at fault whether it was due to fatigue from working beyond the regulated amount of hours and/or intoxication, the list of defendants named may not end there. In addition to the driver, the driver’s employer, who they were conducting business with, the trucking company or even lessors of the truck may also be at fault. Being hit by a company drive may exponentially expand the list of potential negligent parties. One will also need to consider if the the truck was an independent contractor as this will limit the hosts of individuals or entities to file your claim against.

Reach Out for Assistance

If you are anyone you know has been involved in a car accident with a company vehicle seek medical assistance and contact the personal injury lawyer. Often navigating who to file a lawsuit against when hit by a company car can be a complicated process. The lawyers at Brewer & Giggenbach will assist you in navigating all the potential at fault parties for your case and ensure just compensation for your injuries.