Two fleet management systems providers have come up with some interesting data that should be of interest to truckers in West Virginia as well as the drivers who get wary around them. Verizon Connect conducted a study of driver behavior with more than 6,200 of its fleet customers in the effort to determine which states fared the best for work vehicle safety.

These customers included small and mid-size businesses with anywhere between 2 and 200 work vehicles, including light vans, pick-ups and big rigs. The study period ran from October 2015 to September 2017. Verizon Connect found that the safest states were all on the East Coast with Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut occupying the top three spots.

The most dangerous regions were the Midwest and the South with Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota being ranked first. South Dakota was the state where drivers sped most often. Based on data like harsh acceleration, braking and cornering, it was found that the safest drivers in the U.S. were in North Dakota, and the most reckless were in Utah.

Another company, Teletrac Navman, gathered statements from truckers across America regarding safety concerns of their own. Truckers mentioned other drivers cutting off trucks, failing to use turn signals and speeding, even past disabled trucks. They also expressed their concern about fatigued and distracted driving.

When truckers are to blame for another’s injuries, the trucking company could face an injury claim. Victims may speak with an attorney about filing a claim and getting experts to gather the proof of truck driver negligence, including the police report, the work log and any physical evidence at the crash site. Accident attorneys might have a network that can handle this aspect. They may then be able to negotiate for a settlement, avoiding a trial unless the trucking company refuses to pay.