Nursing Home Neglect

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Nursing Home Neglect Often Causes Terrible Injuries to Elderly Family Members

Due to advancements in medicine, people are living longer than ever. This surge in the elder population has equated to a larger portion of aging adults living in nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and assisted living centers. Many of these facilities provide an outstanding level of care and compassion to their elderly residents. However, there are also those that function in a negligent manner, engaging in horrific nursing home abuse.

At Brewer & Giggenbach, our attorneys understand that family members may have selected, with the best intentions, a nursing home or other long-term care facility to care for an aging loved one. Trust was placed in the facility and its staff, only to have it violated. Brewer & Giggenbach attorneys help clients obtain justice on behalf of a loved one.

Many nursing home and assisted living facility residents are hesitant to disclose abuse. They may fear the abuse will worsen. They may think that reporting mistreatment will make them a burden on their family members. In some cases, they may be unable to communicate what is taking place due to physical or mental conditions. It often falls on family members to notice signs of nursing home abuse and put a stop to it.

The pain and humiliation endured by an elderly loved one can be hard to imagine. However, family members should not shoulder guilt or shame. Trust was violated. In these difficult times, family members, caregivers, and loved ones deserve justice. If nursing home abuse is suspected, take action immediately.

Our Nursing Home Neglect Services

Signs that an elderly loved one could be a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect can include:


  • Dehydration or Malnutrition
  • Unexplained Bruises, Cuts, or Fractures
  • Bedsores
  • Abrupt Changes in Patient’s/Resident’s Behavior
  • Consistently Kept in an Over-Medicated Condition
  • Visitors Never Being Allowed to be Alone with a Resident
  • Missing Personal Possessions

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