WV Litigator Stephanie J. Shepherd

Facing legal problems can be overwhelming. Most people have only a vague notion of how the legal system works based on high school civics classes and crime drama on television. But one thing is clear: having a capable, experienced attorney in your corner is critical to protecting your rights. That’s why individuals and businesses turn to WV litigator Stephanie J. Shepherd. With a focus on protecting your rights and courtroom skills to do just that, Stephanie Shepherd can help safeguard and assert your rights so you can move forward.

Litigator Stephanie J. Shepherd: The WV Trial Lawyer for Life’s Roadblocks

Attorney Stephanie Shepherd makes an immediate and lasting impression on clients. As an accomplished lawyer with a decade of experience in a diverse range of practice areas, Shepherd is best known for her outstanding work in the areas of insurance defense, criminal defense, domestic relations, and juvenile matters.

Stephanie J. Shepherd is no stranger to the courtroom, but her litigation skills are enhanced by her keen understanding of both the law and human nature. With these tools, she strives to help clients by protecting and asserting their rights in and out of the courtroom.

West Virginia Educated for a Deep Understanding of West Virginia Law

The foundation of Stephanie Shepherd’s legal career began at West Virginia University, where she excelled in her studies. She earned a bachelor of arts magna cum laude in psychology and, one year later, a master of arts magna cum laude in special education/behavior disorders. Shepherd then applied her significant talents and energies to earning her JD, which she completed in 2004 at WVU College of Law.

With considerable talents and a drive to excel, Shepherd hit the ground running and succeeded in becoming a partner in her law firm. Her focus on protecting clients and honing litigation skills and strategies earned her a reputation as a dependable and determined attorney. Paired with a deep understanding of human behavior, these traits and skills have established her as a leading litigation attorney in the state.

A Morgantown, WV Lawyer Focused on Client Rights

Litigator Stephanie J. Shepherd is first and foremost a trial attorney. Based in Morgantown, WV but also licensed in Maryland, her practice covers a wide swath of areas implicating individual rights and personal liability:


Abuse and Neglect Cases


Civil Litigation


Construction Law


Insurance Defense


Juvenile Matters




Personal Liability Law

Litigator Stephanie J. Shepherd: Depth of Skill Plus Insight into Human Motivations Equals a Top WV Trial Lawyer

Shepherd is highly regarded for her representation of clients in medical malpractice cases. Her career has been highlighted by successful outcomes litigating complex claims against physicians and healthcare facilities. She has mediated and negotiated settlements on behalf of clients with an impressive settlement rate while also serving as a strong, effective advocate for clients in court proceedings. Shepherd is a thorough investigator, performing crucial research on wide-ranging medical issues, disease processes, and surgical procedures to evaluate liability and exposure, and she aggressively defends those cases.

Separate from Shepherd’s medical malpractice work is her notable handling of construction claims and personal liability matters. 

Shepherd’s astute litigation skills help protect the rights of clients in all aspects of criminal proceedings, from introductory interviews and investigations to court appearances and the negotiation of pleas. Shepherd drafts numerous intricate legal briefs, often involving constitutional arguments, and has represented judges, public officials, and other state officials in federal and state civil matters at the trial court and appellate level.

Finally, Shepherd is credited with researching and drafting the West Virginia Sexual Violence Benchbook, updates for the West Virginia Bench Book for Domestic Violence Proceedings, and updates for the West Virginia Judicial Bench Book for Child Abuse and Neglect Proceedings as part of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals’ Court Improvement Program. She has ardently represented clients in domestic relations and domestic violence proceedings, and she has represented clients in all aspects of child abuse and neglect and juvenile proceedings.

In addition to her private practice, Shepherd makes time to provide pro bono representation to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence in family court.

Protecting your rights — by asserting them or by defending against infringements — requires leadership from a strong trial lawyer. That’s what Stephanie J. Shepherd brings to the table and the courtroom.


Areas of Practice


Past Employment

  • Linkous Law, Staff Attorney
  • Shuman, McCuskey & Slicer, Staff Attorney
  • Hedges, Lyons, & Shepherd, Partner